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Lovely fruit with meaty stalks and stunning caramel-colored caps, the Ecuadorian is a must-have for any shroom lover’s cart. Psilocybe Cubensis  Ecuador is a fantastic choice for beginners because this cubensis variety yields enormous fruits with beautiful flushes and is easy to grow. In addition to being one of the most widely cultivated strains, this type from the Ecuadorian Andes is known for producing consistently large mushrooms, even when growing in the most extreme conditions.Buy Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms Online

The Ecuadorian Cubensis strain has become a popular and highly sought-after variety worldwide for its ease of cultivation. Because of the great length of the mushrooms, it is one of the most significant and most potent cubensis strains available. This Mushroom will provide you with a rapid sensation as well as a positive mindset.

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Ecuador Mushrooms 

The magical Mushroom of Ecuador is a psilocybe cubensis, a species of psychoactive shroom whose primary active ingredients are psilocybin & psilocin, respectively.

You can find the Ecuador Mushroom in the Ecuadorian mountains, which has a thick stem and a hat that looks like a spade. It is a magic mushroom. It produces dense bunches of mushrooms in a short time.


  • Cubensis Ecuadorians is a magic mushroom native to Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, namely the Highlands Region.
  • There are mushrooms like these Ecuador Cubensis that grow at 1100+ meters above sea level in the Andean region. 
  • They incorporated it into therapeutic rituals and religious rites to generate altered states of consciousness. 
  • The Shamans of the Andean highlands loved this strain for their ceremonies.

How do you feel?

The initial effects of Ecuadorian Mushrooms can be pretty powerful, especially when first consumed. According to consumers of this Mushroom in Ecuador who have consumed it, the euphoric effect it produces is very peaceful, soothing, and can even be highly visual at times. Ecuador cubensis is a favorite of experienced meditators because of its pure, spiritual effects and absence of a bodily high that other mushrooms can provide.

Trips are unpredictable; however, users report a substantial rise up, followed by a sense of euphoria suitable for both newbies and seasoned cannabis users.

It gives an incredible experience, and some people even describe it as a life-altering experience.

Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom Trip

Each person’s experience with the Ecuadorian magic mushroom is unique.

There are many reports of initial solid highs from those who have used Ecuador mushroom, but most report feeling increasingly chilled. They’re said to put you in a dreamlike, ecstatic mental state that’s both calming and refreshing. Spirituality is most prominent in the high.

The journey may result in significant visual impacts but also an out-of-body sensation. 

You could even fantasize and dance with seabirds and a whiskey if you lose the idea of time.

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms Dosage

Most magic mushrooms have a standard dose of 1 to 2.5 g—dried shrooms. At the same time, many more experienced users will claim minimal quantities for a beginning.

Precaution: If you’re just getting started, we recommend starting with a dose of less than 1g and gradually working your way up to more significant amounts as you gain confidence.

Where can I buy Ecuadorian mushrooms online!

All of our Ecuador magic mushrooms are freshly packaged, and it is recommended that you take them as quickly as after receiving them. We deliver a premium quality product to our customers.

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