First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit: Psych 101 – An Introduction to Psychedelics


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Magic Mushrooms Kit| Psych 101


Buy magic mushroom kit | Psych 101 online? Yes, hope you are not unfamiliar with it. because no one can deny these miraculous shrooms potency.  Several users prefer to consume the mushrooms in the company of friends or persons who experience ‘tripping.’ Apart from the hazards related to psilocybin eating, those seeking to utilize psilocybin mushrooms face the risk of overdose if either of the numerous deadly mushroom species is mistaken for a psilocybin mushroom.

Psilocybin use has several psychological effects, including illusions and difficulty distinguishing fantasy from fact. We make it simple for a few newcomers. As a result, they do not require to wander aimlessly.

Simply get this magical mushroom kit/magic mushroom kit/psych 101 and have fun. This magic mushroom kit is specially intended with fresh users in consideration, as we’ve included four main things to help you get started with magic mushrooms.

Components of the kit:


A Magic Mushroom Kit contains:

Golden Teacher

Golden Teachers are a standard pick among experienced meditators the globe over due to their mystical and meditative properties.


Chocolate ChocoNaut Magic Mushroom 0.5gram

ChocoNaut Magic Mushrooms produce premium Swiss milk chocolate, honey, and almond nougat. Each bite contains an intriguing flavour of milk chocolate and nougat.

Spore Wellness Bottle

Consider the following while selecting a spore wellness bottle: 

Spore Wellness Immune (SWI)

Our innovative, non-toxic mixture is excellent for anyone wishing to increase their internal health.

Recommended Use: It aids in promoting and maintaining immune system health.

Spore Wellness Cognitive (SWC)

Spore Wellness Cognitive (SWC) is perfect for anyone seeking a psychological advantage through memorization and essential memory enhancement.


Suggestions for Use: Enhances clarity, and perception.

Spore Wellness Energy (SWEN)

Our specialized combination is fantastic, non-toxic, and will increase your strength and stamina.

Recommended Use: Increases and sustains everyday energy levels.

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“There is a significant case to be made that psilocybin can use to address the psychology of addictive behaviour, not only the side effects and desires.” Apart from addiction, psilocybin has demonstrated outstanding effectiveness in treating mental illness and death panic.

Precaution: Panic attacks and psychosis are also possible, especially if a user consumes a high quantity.

Buy Magic Mushroom Kits | Psych 101 in USA

The easiest method of mushroom cultivation is to purchase a grow kit, which is just a chunk of pre-inoculated substrates with guidelines.

Magic mushroom grow kit buy UK!

There are grow kits accessible for various mushroom species, both delicious and hallucinogenic.

Because quality varies according to brand, it’s wise to acquire a knowledgeable grower’s suggestion before purchasing.

Growing magic mushrooms is relatively straightforward without a kit, but thorough instructions are probably confusing due to the many procedures and choices available. As a result, what follows is a sort of “growing 101” for newbies.

Mushrooms, in my opinion, are the most delicate treasure concerning health and well-being.

Can I Buy magic mushroom kit | Psych 101 online in the USA?

Yes, REALORGANICSHROOMS is best to choose:

  • Ensuring your privacy, we use discrete and vacuum-sealed packing.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Authentic product
  • The complete product details and available options are included.


A client’s review: I’d like to introduce you to REALORGANICSHROOMS that, in my opinion, makes the most outstanding mushroom products in the marketplace.


Magic mushroom grows kit buy the UK!

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