Lambs Breath


Sativa Dom Hybrid
THC – 24.5%
CBD – 0.35%

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Lamb’s Breath is not only a Sativa dominant strain, it was smoked by none other than Bob Marley Himself! Lambs breaths taste is quite similar to its aroma. It smells like sweet earth and wood all the while tasting spicy and dank with lime undertones.


After smoking the strain, the effects kick in gradually. The high start off by lifting your mood, do not be surprised if your feel is extremely euphoric. But the best thing about the strain is that you will feel an increase in creativity and introspection. Since it is a mainly sativa strain, its effects are mostly cerebral. Mental stimulation actually has no effects on your body whatsoever. But then again, you will not feel tired but you will feel focused and energized with the strain.


It is recommended for morning use and can do wonders for patients suffering from:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression

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