Malabar Coast Mushrooms


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Malabar Coast Mushrooms

Malabar Coast Mushrooms are Psilocybin Mushroom strains that evolved on India’s southwest Malabar coast, with thick, enormous-sized fruity mycelium and a spiritual impact. According to history, Malabar  Magic mushrooms have been associated with Indian civilization since 1500 BC. For its distinctive, exotic beauty and resistance to impurities, the Malabar Coast Mushroom is exceedingly and globally popular. Malabar mushrooms transport you to a realm of pure ecstasy and breathtaking sights.


Malabar Mushrooms Potency:

Malabar shrooms are unique and highly potent. Malabar Coast Mushroom is expected to have medium potency and a fast onset, filling their view with brilliant colors and instilling a sense of happiness and contentment.


Malabar Coast Mushrooms Effects

The fantastic effects of Malabar coast mushrooms are the best thing about them. The side effects are sight enhancements and hallucinations, mystical or spiritual sensations, and incredible unique perspective and enlightenment. This strain is ideal for using Psilocybin for rehabilitative or therapeutic applications.

Malabar Magic Mushrooms is a great strain for recreational use, as long as you’ve got to smaller dosages that leave you relaxed, joyful, and giddy. At greater doses, you’ll experience a condition of spiritual enlightenment, with your emotions raised and your senses substantially heightened.


Consumption ways:

Straight Up Chewing:

Just Swallow And Chew them thoroughly to obtain all of the nectar.

Psilocybin Edibles:

Its incorporation into food will help with both the taste and the anxiousness that most users experience.

Precaution:– Avoid consuming the mushrooms at any point throughout the cooking process.

Magic Mushroom Capsules:

Capsules allow consumers to take microdoses of these Malabar mushrooms.

Along with Lemon juice:

Add lemon juice to the ground Malabar mushrooms.

Cup of Tea:

Just have a delightful cup of tea by pouring chopped or crushed mushrooms in boiled water.


Malabar Coast Mushrooms’ Appearance

The stems of Malabar shrooms are thick & fleshy, with little caps (with blue speckles) and immense size. The caps of these mushrooms are practically flat, caramel-colored, and have distinctive coloring, with whitish circuiting patches spreading across them. The stalks are approximately 150mm long and have blue coloration.


Malabar Mushrooms Dosage

It would be best to dosed adequately since it can distinguish between a pleasurable and a mystical experience. Please make sure you’re aware of the dosage and that you’re well-informed about it.




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