OG Tyson


Indica Dom Hybrid
THC – 28.5%
CBD – 0.20%

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OG Tyson, is a 70:30 Indica hybrid strain that is said to be an OG Kush phenotype, although this has never been confirmed. OG Tyson has a skunky sharp flavour with an almost overwhelming tinge of pungent chemicals. The aroma is just as harsh, with overtones of spicy diesel and skunk accented by a heavy dose of nose-burning.


The high hits you hard with a jab to the head almost immediately after toking which leaves you feeling euphoric yet hazy and introspective. As your mind starts to fade, your body will fall into a deep state of relaxation that lulls you into sedation and a powerful feeling of couch-lock. As the lethargy settles into your body, you’ll feel utterly lazy, unwilling to move for anything.


With these effects and its THC level, OG Tyson is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as:

  • chronic stress
  • appetite loss
  • chronic pain
  • insomnia

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