Sweet Cheese


Sativa Dom Hybrid
THC – 27%
CBD – 0.65%

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Sweet Cheese is the perfect fusion of two superior strains – Cheese and Black Jack. It is Sativa dominant at a 70:30 ratio and produces effects that hit nice and long.


The smell of sweet cheese is noticeable when this strain is close to maturity. For smokers who are looking for a taste that is a little bit different, the spicy taste mixed with mild sweet cheese is a new sensation for your taste buds.


Expect to experience feelings of extreme relaxation and euphoria that is wonderful for helping patients deal with the feeling of pain anywhere in the bodyLoss of appetite is also one of the main conditions for which Sweet Cheese is smoked. It results in feelings of hunger, but not with the extreme munchies. This makes it particularly useful in dealing with the types of nausea which come from chemo and radiation treatment.


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